Aerosoft Mathijs release a post in Aerosoft forum regarding the upgrade plan for Mega airport series.

There will be small charge around 6 Euro for updating your Mega Airport to P3D V4 compatible.

The charge are for updating the airport to its real counterpart, new AFCADs, new structure etc.

Here is the original post by Mathijs.



REX release the update version of REX 4 texture direct and REX soft cloud, the good new is the update are free to REX customer, that's a big gift for community.

You could download the update from the store you originally purchase or from the link below(REX Forum, require registration first)

Currently user will be alerted at start up of application.


Toga Projext today release Envtex SP1, the major update include support with P3D V4, new interface new airport and sky texture, you could read the full update list below.

One sad thing that they don't develop for FS9 anymore.

Head to your Simmarket account and download the update file.


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