Dear Developer and Aurthur


Who is Real Flight Shop?

We are Real Flight Shop a registered company which distribute Flight Simulation Product worldwide. 
Here are our Facebook fans page and we have accumulated more than 1,000 loyal customer here.


What it cost?


A no risk vendor affair, no sale no fee . 

Our standard commission is just 20% of your chosen sales price if your product is sale everywhere, leaving you with other 80% that will transfer every month.

We have a vendor loyal program which the commission is 5% for first 3 month of release and and 15% of commission after first 3 month.

Sales exclusive (Your product are exclusively sale in Real Flight Shop)

Sales everywhere



for first 3 month and 15% after first 3 months of release





1. Fill the information form here


2. We will contact you by email and hope you can provide following things:   

   a. Product description and feature                                                                                                                                

   b. Product image                                                                                                                                    

   c. Product download link so we can put your product on our sever

   d. How customer register your product

   e. The sale price



3. After registration, you will get an vendor account  that can edit product and see the sales report each month of your product. 


4. On the 25 of each month, we will issue you with email of payment and will transfer within 5 business day.


5. We handle the payment process and all product delivery to customer, and if there are technical support, the customer question will sent to you.



The benefit of Real Flight Shop


1. Low commission, keep most of profit for you.


2. Pay monthly and no sale no fee.


3. We advertise your product on our news letter and on Facebook fans page.


4. Vendor account provided, so you can login to edit your product and see the sale status in every moment


What will you get after partnership?

You will get a username and password that could login to your vendor control panel, in vendor control panel (tutorial), you could

1. Manage and check up the order made for your product.

2. View the basic customer information including name, email etc.

3. Edit and upload the product.

4. Add or remove the serial code.

5. View serial number issued to each customer for each order.