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Antarctica X is one of the most technological advanced sceneries ever created. It covers the complete continent (as far as FSX allows) and will get you as close to flying over the Antarctic as possible. The landscapes you will encounter are breathtaking and show this continent in all its majestic beauty.


A major problem for this project was getting access to the data as there are so many countries involved and many feel the geographical data has strategic importance. Only after the developer got into contact with pilots and scientists who were actually in Antarctica things started to move forwards.  Dozens of databases had to be combined and often these only existed in the paper format and had to be manually digitized. Often databases conflicted and details had to be found elsewhere.

Getting the aviation related information was easier but even here it was hard to find out what the real pilots are using. The respective organizations and pilots usually prefer to keep that information to themselves because (fuel/food/emergency-) supplies are very limited and therefore they don’t like anyone who’s not part of their select company to fly there. Without aviation there would hardly be people in Antarctica. It is a continent for those that dare to fly in extreme conditions and those that found Lukla and similar airports getting too boring.

The whole continent is covered by custom landclass data combined with Landsat satellite imagery. For many locations we got additional images that were painstakingly rectified and fitted in. The result is that this scenery is in many ways superior to datasets that are used by airlines and geographical institutes. As far as we know this is the first time many of these databases are combined. You will not find a better altitude model that’s more details or better photo coverage. Perhaps organizations like the CIA got something hidden but we doubt that.

Added to this scenery is one of the Twin Otter that has been a favorite for tens of thousands of customers, which is also the most widely used aircraft in Antarctica. You get the landscape, the aircraft and the extensive and detailed manual to get you started.

Changes in the version 1.10:

  • Now also compatible with P3D v2.4 / v2.5 and FSX Steam
  • Fully functional added demo version of the latest Twin Otter Extended (British Antarctic Survey Twin Otter on skis). The most used aircraft type in Antarctica and the perfect plane for both long and short distance flights on the continent.
  • A completely new flight mission with voices and triggers that follows a real world supply flight from Rothera to Sky Blu (FSX and P3D v2.4 only! Not compatible with P3D v2.5!)
  • Graphical revised management tool
  • FTX Global Vector compatibility
  • Satellite images around Fossil Bluff
  • Selectable storage location for the scenery data
  • Several bug fixes which have been reported since the release of the scenery

Note: The version 1.10 is only available as a full new built which can be downloaded on the order history page of your download shop account. Owners of the boxed version will find the full version underFAQ`s/Updates.


  • The whole continent (as far as the simulator allows) in high definition terrain mesh, high detail aerial and satellite images and a coastline with millions of floating ice sheets
  • 7 major research stations included in very high detail:  
    • McMurdo (USA)
    • Rothera (United Kingdom)
    • Sky Blu (United Kingdom)
    • Neumayer III (Germany)
    • Casey (Australia)
    • Scott (New Zealand)
    • Sanae IV (South Africa)
  •  A total of 47(!) runways/skiways and helipads all over the continent in various detail grades from the Russian hub to the newest Chinese skiway at an altitude of more than 13,000 ft (see manual)
  • 3 extremely detailed icebreakers with helipads running on scheduled routes:  
    • RV Polarstern (Germany)
    • USCGC Healy (USA)
    • Fictious Icebreaker (we call it the MS LimeSim…)
  • Many special (sound) effects and animations
  • Created in cooperation with Antarctic researchers and pilots
  • Includes a ski equipped DHC-6 Twin Otter, the ideal aircraft for the rough terrain (it’s the only continent without a single paved runway – although even larger airliners do land there!)
  • Special tool to change season and settings
  • Flightplan files based on real world flightplans
  • Extended and detailed manual that includes many ideas for flights and several chapters on flying in Antarctica written by a pilot
  • Owners of the Aerosoft Twin Otter Extended get 10% discount on the Antarctica X download version when entering the Twin Otter serial key during the order process (except for special offers)

Map (click to enlarge):

Aerial Coverage in Google Earth:

View aerial coverage: >> Download KMZ-file <<

Google Earth is required for viewing this file. Download it for free here:

Awards / Reviews:

Mutley’s Award for Excellence

Concluison by
"This is a massive scenery, covering a part of the world that few people know much about (other than that it’s filled with singing, dancing penguins and BBC Wildlife film crews), and even fewer have visited. The fact that the developers have persevered over several years to put together the most complete representation of Antarctica anywhere has to be something they can be proud of. 
This scenery suits pilots that are happy flying bush planes, helicopters C130s and at a push A319s. If airline big tin is your thing, then there will probably be little for you to do. Fortunately I wouldn’t know an FMC if it bit me, so this scenery is right up my alley. There are massive landscapes with wide vistas stretching for hundreds of miles, and there are tiny little details that you won’t see unless you get out of the plane and explore down a track or rummage in the clutter. And that will keep your interest going for a long time. For sure, not everywhere is represented to the same level of detail, and there are some limitations of FS that have not been overcome, but if you want somewhere to explore that is both challenging, and literally like nowhere you have been before, you will be very happy with Antarctica X. I have no hesitation in awarding it 10/10 and the coveted Mutley’s Award for Excellence. Well done guys."

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Conclusion by Aerosoft Sim News (ASN):
"This add-on cost only 35.00 € ($44.74 USD as of this writing) and that in my opinion is very cheap considering what it includes. Don’t forget that it also has 47 airfields and helipads. With great graphics, detailed scenery and with, unexpectedly, the DHC-6 aircraft, I strongly recommend this scenery to you. Flying here is a big challenge and a pleasure at the same time. 
You will feel and see a not so well known side of the big world of aviation. The scenery is very beautiful and the aircraft included is one the nicest twin-propeller airplanes that exist in FSX. Another important thing in this scenery is that it covers first-rate, a zone that in the default FSX has a lack of details. Finally, with this scenery, you’ll have a great continent in which you will surely start to fly many many hours."

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Conclusion by
"I was really excited to see this project come to fruition and I was not disappointed in its execution. The continent is beautifully rendered in every facet. The VFR flying experience is challenging and very different from other available options. 
The Antarctic continent is a very remote, distant land and even though the scenery does not change much, this package offers so much for the flight simulator enthusiast. The limitations imposed by FSX are dealt with in a reasonable manner and do not detract much from an exhilarating experience."

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Conclusion by
"I`ve always thought of Antarctica as a place where only the brave (or crazy) adventured and it would be hard for anyone to call home. The truth is that I will probably spend a lot more time in this region thanks to the excellent work Aerosoft has done. It`s a must have if you`re into challenging and beautiful flights. [...] I couldn`t find anything that ruins the experience of Antarctica X. Well done, Aerosoft."

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System requirements:
Microsoft Flight Simulator X (SP2, Acceleration Pack, Gold Edition or Steam Edition) or Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v2.4/2.5
Windows XP, Windows VISTA, Windows 7 (fully updated)
Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 CPU (Core 2 Quad advised)
Direct X 9 compatible Graphics Card with minimal 512 MB
Adobe Acrobat® Reader 8 minimal to read and print the manual 
Download-Size:  7.5 GB (!)
Installations-Size: 13 GB

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