MAJESTIC SOFTWARE Dash 8-Q400 PILOT and PRO editions Visual Extension package

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Visual extension package advances the Q400 addon simulation experience by providing a number of immersive features, including

+ Improved realism due to usage of PBR materials for the exterior model and the virtual cockpit
+ Improved visual model smoothness
+ Textures adjustments for better detailing of the airframe elements
+ More realistic modelling of the passenger cabin with seatbelts/no smoking indicators simulated
+ Visible wheel chocks, pitot tube and the engine intake covers while parked
+ Visible wing supports in a case of damage wheel/landing gear assembly
+ improved resolution of the exterior markings
+ Several improvements of the virtual cockpit markings resolution
+ Improved virtual cockpit night lighting
+ Added simulated reflections on the cockpit controls and switches for the better night visibility
+ Improved landing/approach/taxi lights
+ Integrated True Glass library from TFDi for the realistic precipitation effects on windshield
+ Includes bonus Fly Baboo livery

Lockheed Martin Prepar3D versions 4.x or V5.x

Majestic Software MJC8Q400  PILOT or PRO edition version 1.021
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