Logitech G Saitek X56 HOTAS

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Saitek continues to lead the market in innovative hardware for the sim enthusiast and just two years ago we launched the X-55 Rhino which continued a logical progression from the venerable X-52 Pro and the unique X-65F. The X-56 Rhino takes all of the feedback that we've received on the X-55 and improves on what was already a very well received product. We've also taken the opportunity to respond to changes in the market. In the two years since the X-55 was launched the simulation landscape has changed with the resurgence of the Space Sim genre; the peripheral market has also seen RGB LEDs become almost standard in high-end products. The Rhino tackles these factors head-on with the inclusion of two mini analog sticks which are ideal for the extra control surfaces present in space sims; and the inclusion of RGB backlighting allows you to match the X-56 with the rest of your rig. The mini analog sticks can be used for vertical, horizontal and lateral thruster control, making docking a cinch; gimballed weapons can be assigned making alternative aiming whilst maintaining spacecraft manoeuvrability much more achievable; you can even assign one of the sticks to function as a mouse cursor. With all of the controls that are now possible to be assigned, this now makes the X-56 even better for use in VR. In VR you need to ensure that all controls are under your fingertips because trying to find your real-world keyboard and mouse with a headset covering your vision is hard enough - knowing which keys you're hitting, even harder! The rest of the main features from the X-55 are retained - the F.E.E.L. adjustable spring tension mechanism; the throttle tension adjuster; the large stable bases which include mounting points for those placing permanently in their cockpit; it truly is the best HOTAS we've ever made.



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