Milviz Advanced Series: F-4E Phantom II Module for F-4E Phantom II

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Further extend the capabilities and simulation fidelity of the F-4E Phantom II with this add-on module.

This is not a stand-alone product and requires an existing installation of the MilViz F-4E Phantom II.

We've developed our Advanced Series F-4E to overcome current limitations present in simulator-based flight dynamics and systems simulation to provide extended authenticity in representing this complex and capable aircraft.

Designed for those who wish for the highest levels of realism available in a desktop simulator, for those who love to learn the intricacies of this complex aircraft, or for those who simply enjoy a challenge, this add-on module combines the best of our existing F-4E with an external simulation engine that provides unmatched fidelity.

Read more details regarding the features of the Advanced Series F-4E add-on module located here.

Please Note: This product makes significant changes to the existing installation of the MilViz F-4E Phantom. Installing this product will make a reversion back to the original F-4E product impossible.

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