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Enjoy flying to the Mega Airport Lisbon V2.0, Portugal´s major airport and hub. Modeled to the smallest of details you will find all buildings, installations, docking-systems, just about everything you can expect from a modern airport and of course a modern 3D realization.


The airport of Lisbon is the most important international gate into Portugal and also the home of its national carrier TAP-Air. Approx. 16 million passengers, 140.000 flight movements and 88.000 tons of cargo makes this airport one of the busiest in southern Europe. It´s also especially important as a hub for connections between Europe and South America. Before its inauguration in 1940 Lisbon had an air service via the "Campo Internacional de Aterragem" near Alverca. After its closure all connections were handed over to the new airport. The last years saw the airport being extended with the new Terminal 1 and some more docking facilities on apron 12 and 14.

The Mega Airport Lisbon V2.0 has been modeled on the basis of a high resolution aerial image with many dynamic and static objects to visualize the busy atmosphere at this airport. Lisbon airport has also been modeled with the “Rapid Exits” on runway 03/21 as in real life. Even though there are a lot of objects, details and features, the frame rate has been kept high.


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  • High resolution day- and night textures
  • All buildings and airport institutions
  • AI compatible
  • Automatic docking-systems
  • Excellent frame rates
  • High resolution ground textures based on an aerial image (0.5m per pixel)
  • Photo-real textures on buildings and vehicles
  • Hundreds of taxiway- and runway signs
  • Numerous static and dynamic objects such as service vehicles, buses, etc.
  • RET system (high speed exits at runways)
  • Compatible with AES (from version 2.36)
  • Compatible to Portugal SRTM Mesh and Ultimate Terrain Europe
  • Complete new ground layout according to today´s information
  • New approach lights with PAPI´s, new taxi lighting, new lighting effects
  • New modeled terrain and motorway bridge at the end of runway 21
  • AES lite for dynamic car traffic
  • Extension of Terminal 1 and apron 12 and 14

Awards / Reviews:

Conclusion by
"I’m in a tough situation. Aerosoft have done, as expected, an outstanding job on recreating an older product. It’s been updated to reflect the current Lisbon Airport as we know it and it simply looks stunning. However, those awful micro-stutters really hurt the overall enjoyment of the product. The frame rate is incredibly good for such a detailed airport, but something within the code seems to keep loading really badly. If you’re able to look past some small issues, Lisbon is an essential part of your collection. It is a fantastic location and hosts a great number of different airlines, giving you many reasons to re-visit this wonderful airport."

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Conclusion by
"This is a good, solid package that has some very strong advantages, and a few minor areas which could add a little more life to the inner works of the airport.  Overall, the sheer quality of the package and the vast quantity of areas in and around the airport, modeled in this package, outweigh the few cosmetic suggestions I would offer to the development team. This package performs well and all the objects - be it the main terminal building, or the radar station, or the construction trailer, or the highways snaking around the perimeter - they all have been modeled to a great detail.  You will find very few corners cut, if any, so to speak.  On the improvement side - things like a lack of any tire marks on the taxiways, or completely clean and pristine looking buildings, or gates completely devoid of any airport clutter (i.e. no vehicles, no luggage, etc.) - these deficiencies, while only cosmetic, take away a little from the realism factor. For me, this is a first gateway onto the Iberian Peninsula and I am looking forward to exploring the various routes from and to this destination.  I will overlook the occasionally ‘sterile and clean’ feel on the ground, and will fully enjoy the vast, dense, and busy areas, in and around the airport, during takeoffs and landings. "

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Minimal System Demands:
Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
Microsoft Flight Simulator X (SP2, Accel. Pack) / Prepar3D (V1&V2)
3 GHz Dual Core Processor
2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)
min. 1.2 GB free space on the hard disk
3D Graphics Card with minimal 1024 MB (2 GB recommended)
Download-size: 650 MB

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