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Line up on the "String of Pearls" and land on Europe`s busiest airport London Heathrow. The prize winning SimWings Team has once again pushed the limits of modeling a perfect mega hub with London Heathrow Xtended representing the actual and up to date stage of its real world counterpart.


Find out what commercial aviation is all about by joining the traffic of the world´s third busiest airport. The scenery covers around 42 square kilometers in total with fully detailed buildings at the airport, including the new T2 and T2B terminals. Fully customized high resolution aerial ground textures, detailed ground markings and the actual taxiway layout with new rapid runway exits and taxiway links make it a perfect rendition while use of LOD technique will give you the best possible performance. There´s even an option to use the still existing old Europier which will be demolished soon.



  • Mega Airport London Heathrow with near airport surrounding (about 42 square kilometers in total)
  • Fully detailed buildings at the airport
  • Safegate and other dockings at all gates
  • Includes new T2 and T2B terminals
  • Pre-rendered self shadowing and raytraced night lighting
  • Fully customized high resolution aerial ground textures (about 30cm/pix) with custom detail textures for taxiways etc.
  • Detailed ground markings
  • Actual taxiway layout with new rapid runway exits and taxiway links
  • Hand placed autogen
  • Seamless integration of the ground to the Flight Simulator
  • Scenery and aerial ground are geographically referenced to provide the best possible compatibility to other aerial or landclass ground add-ons
  • Seasonal ground textures (Spring, Summer, Fall and "warm" Winter to match to the default seasons)
  • Animated custom utility vehicles by AES Lite (FSX & FS2004 only)
  • Use of LOD technique for best possible performance
  • Custom made AFCAD file with airline parking codes
  • Remaining Europier terminal can be selected as an option (will soon be demolished)
  • Hassle free installation: No switching or change of default configs
  • DX10 preview compatible


If you own the previous Mega Airport London Heathrow you get a special update price of 19,95 € (incl. VAT). You will need to enter you original serial code (box or download) when you buy the download version, so make sure you keep it on hand. Owners of the boxed version can also use our CD-Upgrade-Service. The update price is not available in combination with other discounts!

Awards / Reviews:

Conclusion by Aerosoft Sim News (
"For fear of stating the obvious Heathrow is huge! So just to walk around the airside takes time. Whenever I receive a new airport I always employ FTX Bob which is a simple program which allows one to walk around everywhere in real time. This way one gets a very realistic idea of how well the airport has been made because one can poke one’s nose into every nook and cranny. And despite having now spent more than two full weeks of flying into and around Heathrow as well, I still get moments when walking around a corner I see something that makes me go WOW! OK!...There is no doubt that Heathrow Xtended is by far the best Heathrow version currently available and I do not think anyone will make a better one until we get a 64 bit flight simulation on which to use it, and that is not going to happen for a while. So hearty congratulations to the Sim-Wings team - I think that they have made a winner!"

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Conclusion by
"This scenery has turned out to be a great replica of the current London Heathrow International Airport, especially the attention to object placement and the sheer amount of objects included. On top of this, the extra scenery enhancements provide for lots of playing around not normally done at Flight Simulator Airports. It runs smoothly even with multiple highly-detailed add-ons as well. Whether you want to fly your heavy into Heathrow on a long-haul or fire-up your helicopter and do some sightseeing, this scenery opens up the London area for simmers and is a must have."

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System requirements for FSX / P3D:
Microsoft Flight Simulator X (incl.Service Pack 2, Acceleration Pack or Steam Edition) or Lockheed Martin Prepar3D (V2 oder V3.2)
Windows XP (SP2) / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
Dual Core Processor with 2.66 Ghz or faster
Min. 4096 MB RAM
3D graphics card with at least 512 MB
Download-Size: 4.5 GB
Installations-Size: 4.7 GB

System requirements for FS2004:
Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 (Version 9.1) 
Windows XP (SP2) / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
Dual Core Processor with 2.66 Ghz or faster
3D graphics card with 256 MB
Download-Size: 890 MB
Installations-Size: 2 GB

Additional downloads:
  PDF-Manual (English/German): >> View here <<

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