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Enjoying the Just Flight 146-200 Jetliner? If you'd like some additional liveries and an F-Lite style FMC (Flight Management Computer) then this pack is for you! The 18 super-quality liveries cover Europe, the USA and South America and bring you a mix of well-known airlines as well as some of the more obscure carriers. The real 146-200/300 was not fitted with a FMC as it left the factory but we thought that you might like the added versatility of flying with an FMC. If you prefer to keep things simple, you can still fly the 146-200 and 146-300 without installing the FMC but with these new liveries! 18 LIVERIES European operators • Atlantic Airways • Conti-Flug • Crossair (Livery B) • Romavia • SAS • SwissAir Express • Virgin North American operators • Air Cal • Air Wisconsin • Delta Connection • NWA • United Express (Older livery) • US Air (Newer livery) South American operators • Star Peru • Aer Lingus • Astra Airlines (green) • Swiss Star Alliance • Jet2 (white) FMC (FLIGHT MANAGEMENT COMPUTER) This custom-coded Flight Management Computer (FMC) complete with manual is designed to assist you with functionality that many flight simmers miss on the default FSX aircraft: • Flight Plan pages - load and activate pre-made FSX flight plans without having to leave the cockpit; track the route, and get an overview of distances and arrival times to the next waypoint en route and your destination • Modify your route and save it • Cockpit Navigator pages - easily switch (open/hide) panels via the FMC • Checklist pages - access checklists and work through them with the help of the FMC showing you matches/mismatches between required checklist items and current aircraft settings. Only when all aircraft settings match the checklist requirements will the checklist will be completed and closed • Aircraft/flight status page, showing date/time, coordinates and some general aircraft information at a glance (flaps status, gear status, fuel status, lights etc.) • The FMC can hold two flight plans - an active flight plan and a standby flight plan. You can load a flight plan direct as the active flight plan (for immediate use) or you can load it as standby flight plan and set it active later. You can have an active and a standby flight plan loaded at the same time, so that you have an alternate route in case you need to change plans. With both flight plans you can add and remove waypoints MANUAL A PDF guide to using the FMC manual is included with the software. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS • Just Flight 146-200/300 Jetliner • Flight Simulator X (Acceleration, SP2 and Direct X 10 preview compatible) or Prepar3d • 3.0GHz PC or any Dual Core • 1.0GB RAM • 256MB 3D graphics card • Windows 7, Vista or XP • 900MB hard drive space

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